Santa Claus Embassy Europe - Rappresentanza Ufficiale per l'Italia del Santa Claus Post Office a Rovaniemi, Finlandia
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The genuine personalized Letter of the real Santa Claus from Rovaniemi, Finland

Marisa risto santaclaus letterina

As a matter of seriusness, and quality guarantee of our product promoted and sold on this web site, we want to show you the Certificate delivered to us from Hannele Pokka, Governor of Finnish Lapland: this certificates states the truth and genuinity of the Letter, as well as the importance of message of Santa Claus Letter, as well as reliability of this service.

Letter of Real Santa Claus - the original one - from Finnish Lapland is posted from Santa Claus Village and his worldwide famous Post Office, the same one where millions of Letters are delivered every year from all over the world, located straight at the Arctic Circle - Finland. Mind imitations!


Service Letter provided through this website, is held under strict control, protection and approval of the Santa Claus Embassy Europe and its institutional partners, including: Finnair Airlines, Finnish Embassy, Finpro, Finnish National Agency for Tourism, City of Rovaniemi, Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi Arctic Circle, Santa Claus Greeting Center Finland and many other institutional partners.

In addition to the small cost of the service, this is the only one created-printed-genuine-mailed directly from the post office in Rovaniemi / Finnish Lapland, on original finnish paper - stamp - collector: all product is created, developed and produced in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland.

Small cost of this service requiring a sophisticated technical equipment and organization, is due to the meaning of this event, since its beginning in 2001, to keep alive some of the most profound and ancient traditions that makes people near each other all over the world.

We are particularly aware to protection and authenticity of this product, which contributes each year through the sale of Letters to support charity causes in the world for unlucky people. Santa Claus Embassy Europe is entitled:

  • To protect the fragile economy of the wild region of Lapland thanks to TRUE existence of Santa Claus Village and its suppliers that providing daily sustain of thousands of Finns
  • To preserve the authenticity of a message related to a life philosophy while keeping the original meaning