Santa Claus Embassy Europe - Rappresentanza Ufficiale per l'Italia del Santa Claus Post Office a Rovaniemi, Finlandia
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Santa claus legge

Here you have type of letters written by Santa Claus, on special paper, envelope, and stamp collector. All Letters are sent by Santa Claus unique Post Office in Rovaniemi, at the Arctic Circle, Finland, 66° N.



What about contents? A lot of Magic!

Santa Claus decides every year about a different text and theme. Nobody knows it before Christmas time, it will be just a surprise. Santa Claus always writes Receiver name, and signs every single Letter.


Santa's Christmas Letter € 8,50

It's personalized with receiver name. It's written and delivered by public post service, on due time at home destination receiver.
Sender name can be shown in the Letter at your choice.

Let's make a dream become true with Santa's Letter!

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