Santa Claus Embassy Europe - Rappresentanza Ufficiale per l'Italia del Santa Claus Post Office a Rovaniemi, Finlandia
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Essential information about the enchanted land of Santa Claus

Aurora boreale villaggio santa claus

As we all know, the Real Santa Claus lives in faraway Finland. Here the air is pure and Finns have a very close relationship with nature. Finland is the land of lakes (about 200,000) and forests, but this is not all!
To the north of Finland, there is the wide Lapland region, with very special nature for unique different 4 season shows.
Santa Claus wants to share the following essential information of his enchanting land.


Winter time

Winter time in Lapland last very long: from October to April, land is covered of white snow, outside it's dark! Sun doesn't rise at all then for several months, it remains below the horizon, giving the landscape beautiful pastel shades. This phenomenon is called in finnish "Kaamos": don't miss it! Snow, moon, stars, and sometimes magnificent northern lights illuminate the white landscape. During winter the temperature can drop down to -20 º C, -40 º C, but since you are properly dressed to protect your body, you can easly manage the dry cold while having fun in the forest aboard a snowmobile or on a sledge pulled by a team of energic husky dogs.
The phenomenon of Northern Lights can be seen at night time, during winter season, when the sky is clear, and the temperature very cold. According to legends, it appears in the sky when a fox runs through the woods and forests while his tail is hitting soft snowbank that raises colorful and dancing in the sky.


Spring time

After long winter months, the flower gems appear in the snowy forest. The days are getting longer. The sun melts the snow. Life is born again! Long live to the light!


Summer time

During summer time, from June to July, you will admire in Lapland the midnight sun: the sun does not set at all in 24 hours. So in the night time is never gets dark and the days are bright! During the short Nordic summer Finnish people live in very close contact with water, and they make great swim in lakes and rivers. They also enjoy going fishing, canoeing, rafting, walking in the forest, collecting berries to make jams ...


Fall time

After a short summer autumn arrives and nature is becomes purple colour: it's just a magnificent nature show. This phenomen is called by Finnish "Ruska". The forest is the scent of berries and mushrooms.



Lappish symbol animal is definitely the reindeer which seem to belongs to the landscape. The reindeer are good and docile; generally have a gray coat. Sometimes you can meet some white coat reindeer: a legend says that this is a sing of good luck!
The preferred reindeer food are lichens and berries of the woods, and in winter they can graze under the blanket of snow!


Christmas in Finland

Why do they say Christmas is so unique in Finland ? The only way to really find the answer is to come and visit it!


Local Traditions

Christmas is one of the most favorite time of the year all over the world, but for many years now, the country that most represents it, seems to be Finland. This is why Santa Claus (Joulupukki), has here its enchanted Village!
Celebrations begin around middle of November and Rovaniemi, capital of Lapland, with a big party colorful and animated, in which here and there groups of people and choirs sing Christmas songs. Athmosphere is very magic!
While Christmas is approaching people are waiting the arrival of Santa Claus. Houses are decorated both inside and outside and you have to start thinking about the Christmas tree!
Peak of the celebrations are held between 24 and 26 December.
Finnish Christmas cookies are delicious: try the ginger biscuits and pies plums.
Early December, the Christmas lights are twinkling and shops are full of gifts.
Did you know that the Christmas tree is usually cut directly in the forest together with friends or with the Elves? All family and friends are then involved in decorating and lighting of candles.


When Santa Claus distributes his gifts

On the evening of December 24th, Santa Claus, wearing his hat with pompom, the big red coat, under which wears the vest, shirt, trousers and heavy boots, prepares for the distribution of gifts.
After having fed his faithful reindeer Rudolf, Elves help Father Santa to load the sledge. Elves make sure all the gifts are on board, then go! Young children are waiting to get gifts delivered, but be careful: if there is any naughty children, Santa Claus will only leave dead wood forest branches ! A legend says that so far Santa Claus has never left deadwood to any child ...
After Christmas, we wait for the New Year.
After January 6, the Christmas tree is brought and replanted again in the forest, to wait for the next Christmas ...!