Santa Claus Embassy Europe - Rappresentanza Ufficiale per l'Italia del Santa Claus Post Office a Rovaniemi, Finlandia
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Lapland - Finland - 66°33'07" N, 25°50'51 E : Polar Arctic Circle

Santa claus village

Straight on the 66° N, at the Arctic Polar Circle, in Rovaniemi, you will find the magic of Santa Claus Village: Santa Claus himself, the real star of Lapland, meets children and adults one by one all year round, coming to see him from all over the world!

In his office you will admire a big book collections, describing daily our actions either good or bad… but none is allowed to touch at those secrets, except Santa Claus and his Elves!

In winter time, Santas Village is lighted by white and aboundant polar snow, and while reindeers are eating lichen, sledges are the gliding over the snow among dreaming scenary!

Inside of Santas Village, there is his post office too. Every year he receives hundred of thousands of Letteres full of hopes and wishes from all over the world.

Did you know that from this fantastic office, Santa Claus is sending every year at Christmas time hundred thousands of Personalized Letters with name of receiver – either a child or adult – to whom is requesting it. Every Letter is written on special paper, envelop and collector stamps. What a nice surprise!

Dont miss this dream, order Santas Letter for those you love. For more informations go to our dedicated pages.

By the way: in the night time, on board of his reindeers Santa Claus, is flying fast from Rovaniemi his grotto at Korvatunturi Mountain, in very far NorthEast Lapland to spend a peaceful and dreaming polar night!



Waiting time to see him never seems to end (due to a lot of impatience!). He, the Great Father, sweet and wise, is sitting in his big chair (worthy of him) in his office all made in Finnish birch forests, dominated by red color! Everything is so full of magic here. Elves smile at us funny.

Now he us, we are so small and timid in front of him: we know the right and nice words to say to feel just like deep friends. But how can he be so big and heavy? How does his beard can be so long and curly? The gold rimmed glasses helps him to read the millions of letters he receives each year from all over the world, all full of dreams and hopes, and lens slips on his nose as big as ... a potato! It's good and tireless receives thousands of people every day. Everyone he gives his sweet and warm smile.

The atmosphere is warm and friendly, young and olds feel cradled like a fairy tale. Some have really long way to come to see him up here in the remote Finnish Lapland.
Behind him are stored on the shelves many beautiful books, "those in which I record the history of all of you" says him in a tone almost stern!: so, be careful, as nothing escapes! On the walls, there is a large world map.

We know that he always moves with his favorite reindeer called Rudolf (the one with the red nose) that waits patiently outside while grazing in the forest lichens, and has many helpers elves all dressed in red.
An Elf us take a souvenir photo, which offers us in beautiful red frame. Well, who would have thought you could see the real Santa Claus one day, hearing his deep voice, and even be able to sit beside him!? "



Welcome to the colorful world of Santa Claus Post Office. It’s to be lost in the scent of paper among shining postcards, stamps, books and unique gifts. Take a sit, like approx 500,000 visitors do every year, into the room with fireplace and focus your mind to write a nice message to your dearest friends anywhere in the world. Elves, friendly and diligent, then will ship for you the letter with authentic special stamp of the True Santa Claus.
A large blackboard tells us number of Letters Santa Claus received the previous year from all over the world; they are all kept in large chests overflowing: he did read all of them one by one. Inside them many designs, colors, traits, hopes, joys!