Santa Claus Embassy Europe - Rappresentanza Ufficiale per l'Italia del Santa Claus Post Office a Rovaniemi, Finlandia
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This is the true story of genuine Santa Claus from far Finnish Lapland, at 66° N

Santa is here

In the very far east of Northern Finnish Lapland, there is a strange mountain ear shaped. It's called Korvatunturi: in finnish this means the "ear mountain". Santa Claus has his secret home and gift workshops there.

The extraordinary thing about this is that the road to Korvatunturi is only known by Santa Claus himself, his elves and of course his trusted reindeer. Well, Santa Claus lives there in this magic mountain.

Track to this mountain is hard, and only Santas, his Elves and his reindeers of course knows the way. A lot of wild animals are living in this magic snowy land for thousands of years: they all leave theirs steps on the snow shining like silver.
Korvatunturi is a mysterious place where the elves can listen to the children and adults to hear whether they are being nice or naughty. The elves listen carefully to everyone’s undertakings and write their observations into the huge notebooks.
Generally they record only positive observations in the books, but if necessary they will also note down tantrums, grumbling and spiteful behaviour, which from time to time can accidentally happen.
Just before Christmas Santa Claus examines all the comments in the huge notebooks and carefully chooses delightful gifts for all the kind and good children. In the case there is a note of naughtiness, Santa Claus may also arrive with his disapproval. Happily in the past few years there have been fewer and fewer of these incidents because everyone has been so nice.


The Elves start their trips

There is a lot of magic in the northern polar night. The snow shines in the dark, candles are lit and fires are made in fireplaces. People begin to wait for Christmas and the first Christmas lights are lit in the homes. The great forests surrounding the dwellings are asleep under the thick blanket of snow.
Silence and darkness are prevailing in the southern slopes of Korvatunturi Mountain. The moonlight is flooding over the snow covering the rarely used track. The wind is decorating the surface of the snow with curls of loose snow dust. But all of the sudden the darkness is penetrated by lights and the cold air is filled with tinkle and jingle. The elves have set out on their expeditions to see the doings of the people at Christmas season. The numerous footmarks printed by the felt boots of the elves are soon covered: the gust throws snow over the tracks of the elves.
The elves have with them Christmas Peace and Christmas Atmosphere from Korvatunturi Mountain. This Christmas Peace and Atmosphere spreads with them to the villages and towns.  It may not be enough that the people put Christmas decorations in the windows and listen to the Christmas songs on the radio. A pinch of Christmas magic is needed to create the warm Christmas mood in the midst of hasty preparations. Although it is almost impossible to see the elves, you can feel their existence from the warm sense that you have in your heart, or from the tickling of joy that makes you smile and fills the people with benevolence.


In Finland Santa visits the homes of small children

Are you aware that in Finland, Santa’s home country, he personally delivers all the presents to nice children? As he arrives in the home he always asks the confirming question: "Are there any nice children here?" The children answer happily and often sing a song to Santa and promise to be good also the following year. Then Santa, with the help of the children reads out the names on the packages and gives the presents. In many other countries Santa Claus delivers the gifts to the children's homes during the night and in the morning the children find their presents, at that time Santa Claus is well on his way back to Korvatunturi.


The Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus lives with his helpers, the elves, at Korvatunturi. However, a long time ago he decided to meet and be with people also at other times of the year. Consequently, after many surveys, with the help of his good friends, he decided to build his own Village close to the town of Rovaniemi, at the point where the highway north crosses the magical Arctic Circle.
Santa Claus desired to have an International Airport close to his village, where visitors from all corners of the globe would easily be able to come and visit him. He also wished to have a town nearby, so that visitors would be able to stay and safely witness the northern way of life and nature with experienced guides. All these requirements have been fulfilled at the present location in Rovaniemi, at the Arctic Circle.